Entrance Requirements

The Board of Directors must approve all students who attend Calhoun Academy. Before a student is admitted to Calhoun Academy the following must take place.


1. Prospective student(s) must be interviewed by the administration of Calhoun Academy.


2. All application papers are to be filled out.

3. The contract is to be signed with appropriate fees and/or registration paid.


4. Students entering 3-year old kindergarten must have reached their 3rd birthday on or before September

   Students entering 4-year old kindergarten must have reached their 4th birthday on or before September 

   Students entering 5-year old kindergarten must have reached their 5th birthday on or before September


The following information must be provided prior to admittance into Calhoun Academy:


(a) A certified birth certificate.

(b) Their social security number.

(c) The immunization records of (Certificate of Compliance).


5. Students transferring from another school must be in good standing from the school of which they left.


6. Class size could limit enrollment, this will be determined by the administration.


7. Home school students may be accepted pending the validation of previous work and documentation of courses taken. Placement of a home-schooled student will be determined by the administration and may require testing. In order for a home-schooled student to receive a diploma from Calhoun Academy their last six (6) credits must be earned from Calhoun Academy.


Upon completion of these procedures and with approval of the Board of Directors said student(s) will be admitted to Calhoun Academy.

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Calhoun Educational Foundation does not discriminate on basis of race, color, disability, nationality, or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational and admissions policies, athletic and other school administered programs. Qualified applicants must adhere to the admission policies and procedures set forth by the Board of Directors.