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Calhoun Academy

Student Handbook



Striving to nurture the student as a whole – the mind, the body and the soul


Calhoun Educational Foundation

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Calhoun City, MS  38916


General Information

Calhoun Academy was chartered and founded in 1968 on Highway 8 West in Calhoun County for the purpose of providing excellence in education. The founders felt that it is the responsibility of the school to provide maximum growth in the field of education and duty bound to include the moral and cultural education of its students. Calhoun Academy's responsibility to each student is to motivate by challenging the mind, curiosity and creative ability. The objective of Calhoun Academy is to lead students to develop skill and knowledge in the Arts and Sciences of Civilization, and to an understanding of their privileges and responsibilities in relation to their state, their nation and their God.

Mission of Calhoun Academy

Striving to nurture the student as a whole - the mind, the body and the soul.

Calhoun Academy Goals


1. To employ and retain qualified and competent faculty and staff who are dedicated to teaching and service.


2. To teach quality academic courses which ensure successful college preparation.


3. To provide student services which assist individuals in goal selection, decision making, establishment of values, and development of attitudes of responsibility and cooperation.


4. To sponsor services which include sports as well as those social, extra-curricular, civic and cultural activities which develop leadership, creative skills and personal growth.


This handbook has been prepared by parents and teachers and in cooperation with the Headmaster and the Calhoun Academy Board of Directors. It is to be used as a guide for the student and parents. The handbook should be read carefully and kept for future reference.

Entrance Requirements

The Board of Directors must approve all students who attend Calhoun Academy. Before a student is admitted to Calhoun Academy the following must take place.


1. Prospective student(s) must be interviewed by the administration of Calhoun Academy.


2. All application papers are to be filled out.


3. The contract is to be signed with appropriate fees and/or registration paid.


4. Students entering 3-year old kindergarten must have reached their 3rd birthday on or before September 1. Students entering 4-year old kindergarten must have reached their 4th birthday on or before September 1. Students entering 5-year old kindergarten must have reached their 5th birthday on or before September 1. The following information must be provided prior to admittance into Calhoun Academy:


(a) A certified birth certificate.


(b) Their social security number.


(c) The immunization records of (Certificate of Compliance).


5. Students transferring from another school must be in good standing from the school of which they left.


6. Class size could limit enrollment, this will be determined by the administration.


7. Home school students may be accepted pending the validation of previous work and documentation of courses taken. Placement of a home-schooled student will be determined by the administration and may require testing. In order for a home-schooled student to receive a diploma from Calhoun Academy their last six (6) credits must be earned from Calhoun Academy.

Upon completion of these procedures and with approval of the Board of Directors said student(s) will be admitted to Calhoun Academy.


Tuition payments are to be made in accordance with the contract submitted at registration. It is our responsibility to provide an educational opportunity for your child. It is the parent's responsibility to see that all financial obligations to the school are met. We understand fully when parents meet hard times, and it is our wish that your child's education never be interrupted. With this in mind we will work diligently with the parents to insure this does not happen, however, all financial obligations must be fulfilled before the end of the school year.

Calhoun Academy reserves the right to refuse to allow the student(s) to take mid-term or final exams, refuse to admit the student(s) to class, or withhold the transcript or other records of grades awarded for courses completed until all financial obligations are met.

Calhoun Academy operates on a yearly budget, and thus makes financial commitments based on enrollment contract. Thus, the student(s) are admitted on a yearly basis, and the person on the contract is responsible for the financial obligations on the contract for that year. In order to be released from a contract a person must submit, in writing, a letter stating the detailed reasons for the withdrawal of their student(s). The Calhoun Academy Board of Directors will take up the issue at their normal meeting to determine if the individual will be released from their obligations. If this procedure is not followed and the student(s) are not release, no records will be released.

General Information

Accreditation - Calhoun Academy is fully accredited by the Mid South Association of Independent Schools and regionally accredited by AdvancED.

School Hours - School hours are from 7:50 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. Teachers are on duty from 7:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.

After School Care - Calhoun Academy provides after school care for a nominal fee. Any students that are not picked up by 3:30 will be placed in after school care. After school care is for any student in grades Kindergarten through 6th grade.

Visitors - All parents are welcome to visit our school at any time. However, we do ask that all visitors report to the office upon their arrival at school. We encourage parents to visit the school but we must insure that the educational flow is not interrupted. For the safety of our children we must know who is on our campus at all times, therefore, all school entrances will be locked during school hours.  At no time, should a parent go to the classroom during the school day. 

Arrival & Departure – All students are to be dropped off and picked up in front of the administration building. There should be no traffic between the high school and elementary buildings due to no turn around and the safety of the children walking into the school.  Late arrivals should check in at the front office before reporting to class.  Students with early dismissals will report to the administrative office where parents will sign out their child.

After School Pick-Up - The elementary school will be dismissed at 3:00 each day to help eliminate some of the congestion at 3:10. If a child is to be picked up by someone else other than their normal ride, a note needs to be given to their teacher that morning. Due to the safety of our children, if there is an issue with custody, appropriate documentation will be required regarding custody. This is to prevent a child from being released to a non-custodial parent. No student will be released to anyone other than the custodial parent or guardian unless the school has been notified in writing by the custodial parent.  Pick-up will be at the main entrance to the school.

School Closure - When the school is confronted with an emergency or dangerous weather prior to the start of the school day, the announcement of the school closing will be made on local television and radio stations. If the decision is made to close after the school day has begun, parents will be notified by telephone as soon as possible. The teachers and staff will keep students until they have been picked up.

Conferences - Communication is a key to the success of the student. We encourage the parents to visit with the teachers on occasion in regard to their student. Conferences with a teacher can be made prior to school, after school or during a teacher's planning period. However, we ask that if you need a conference that you call the office to get an appointment with the teacher. If you wish to speak to the business office or administration, please call and make an appointment between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Under no circumstances should a parent go directly to the classroom without securing permission from the office.


Progress Reports / Report Cards - We feel it is of utmost importance for the school to keep a good line of communication with the parents about the progress of their children's academics. We will therefore send progress reports at 4 1/2 week intervals, and report cards at the 9-week intervals. In addition to the progress reports and report cards we encourage the teachers to make contact with you if your child is struggling or having behavioral problems.

Lunch / Snack - The school offers a snack break in the mid-morning and a lunch around noon. Students may bring their snack or lunch from home or they may purchase them from our cafeteria. We have a closed lunch policy. No student can leave campus to purchase food and no food can be brought in for students. All students must remain in the cafeteria. No food will be allowed in the classrooms or gym.

Grievance Procedure - Calhoun Academy has a line of authority in which all problems and or grievances shall be handled. First, any problems should be discussed with the parties involved. Hopefully the problem can be handled at this level. However, if the problem persists, the next step is to contact the administration of the school. Only after these steps have been taken should a patron contact the Board of Directors. If you have a problem it is important to remember that these people are the only ones with whom the problem should be discussed.

School Telephone - Calhoun Academy is a business and the use of the telephone is for authorized personnel. If a student must make a phone call they may do so with the permission of the administration. If you call the school, do not ask to speak to a student. They will not be allowed out of class to take a call. We will however deliver a message, if needed, between classes. Students are not to have cell phones in their possession during the schools operating hours of 7:55 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. This is covered later in the handbook under contraband.

Medication - Any medication that must be taken while at school must be turned into their teacher if in Kindergarten through 6th grade or to the office upon arrival at school in its original container with written instructions authorizing the type, dosage and method for its dispensing. Any student caught on campus with medication is subject to disciplinary action. No student is to give or sell medication to another student. Any student caught doing this is subject to being turned over to the appropriate authority with possible expulsion. If suspected, a student's head will be checked for head lice. If head lice are found, his/her parents will be notified and the student will be sent home for treatment. The student will be checked again before they will be allowed to re-enter school. The Mississippi Department of Health governs the head lice ruling.

Fire and Tornado - Periodic drills will be conducted each semester. Teachers will instruct students on the appropriate actions to follow. Two (2) long rings will indicate fire. Three short rings will indicate storms.

Lockers - Lockers will be assigned to each student in grades 7 through 12. Lockers are not to be changed without permission from the administration. Lockers are to be kept clean at all times. Locks will be allowed on the lockers but a spare key or the combination must be turned into the office. If not in compliance, the lock will be removed at the student’s expense.

Searches - Calhoun Academy reserves the right to conduct routine searches of lockers and desks. These are the property of Calhoun Academy but the student is responsible for its contents. Calhoun Academy also reserves the right to inspect vehicles for contraband or items not allowed on or near a school's premises. A student's person and/or personal effects may be searched upon reasonable suspicion of a student being in possession of illegal or unauthorized materials. If a "pat down" is required, a school official of the same sex, in private, will do it with a witness of the same sex.  Periodically during the school year, the Sheriff’s Department along with other law enforcement agencies and the drug dog will be conducting searches.  

Solicitation - There will be no solicitation by students for personal gain. Students will be allowed to sell only items for school groups as a part of approved fund-raising activities. Anyone caught using the schools name in the community for solicitation for personal gain will be turned over to the proper authority with the possibility of expulsion.

General Discipline

Discipline in its true form does not mean punishment. Discipline is much deeper and should encompass several objectives:


 1. To create conditions essential to the orderly progress of school.

 2. To prepare our students to cope with life as an adult.

 3. To instill lessons of self control.

 4. To help develop the character of the student.


Students at Calhoun Academy should be able to conduct themselves in a manner that is acceptable and compatible with the rules and regulations of the school. All students are expected to carry themselves in a way whether at school, school sponsored events and in the community, that is a good reflection of Calhoun Academy.

Any student who behaves in a way that is socially unacceptable, or cast a bad reflection on Calhoun Academy is subject to being dismissed from school. A matter of this level will be brought before the Board of Directors for review.

Teachers, coaches, staff and administration have the right and are expected to have full control when involved with the student body. Students are to be respectful and obedient to all school personnel at all times. Teachers will have classroom rules that are to be followed as long as they are not in contradiction with the school policy. Teachers are expected to maintain an environment within the classroom that is conducive to learning. Teachers will inform their students of the rules and regulations regarding their classroom. If the teacher is not able to maintain the appropriate environment the students that are causing the disruption will be sent to the office with a conduct slip and discipline will be given by the administration.

Methods of Discipline

Calhoun Academy will use various methods of discipline to insure that the school has the appropriate environment for education and athletic competition. The following types of disciplinary action will be used when needed:

1. School Service / Detention - This lower level of discipline will vary according to the offense. Times, dates and duties will be determined by the teacher or administration.

2. Corporal Punishment - Corporal punishment will be administered as needed by Calhoun Academy.

3. In-School Suspension - A student that is put in ISS will not be counted as absent, but must spend the day in isolation and will be required to do all assignments. If the student does not complete the assigned work, a three (3) point penalty will be given off the nine weeks average.

4. Out-of-School Suspension - A student that is given OSS will receive an unexcused absence for each day that they are suspended. This will result in a three (3) point reduction from the nine weeks average for each day missed. All work missed during the suspended time will be allowed to be made up including all test. Failure to make the work up in a timely fashion will result in a zero (0) being given for missed work. Anyone who receives an OSS will lose their exemption status. The length of the OSS will be determined by the administration. A student that accumulates ten (10) day of OSS will be expelled from the school for the remainder of the year.

5. Expulsion - This is the permanent (remainder of the school year) removal from the school. The Board of Directors will review each case. A student expelled from school must go before the Board of Directors before they can be reinstated the following year. This hearing will be to determine if the student will be allowed to return.

The student's disciplinary record will be kept on file in the administration office. This is not a part of the student's permanent record. However, if a student is expelled from Calhoun Academy this will be included in their permanent record.

Check-Out Procedures

Parents must exercise parental discretion in taking their child out of school. We strongly discourage a student leaving school and missing an academic class. Only in case of an emergency should a child miss an academic class. However, if it is necessary for a student to be checked out prior to the school day being over, the following procedures must be followed:


1. Student must bring a note prior to school beginning that states the time, reason and contact number (for verification).

2. The student then will receive a slip for early dismissal and must take that to the teacher's classes they will be missing to get assignments.

3. When the time to check out arrives they are to come by the office, sign out and turn their slip into the office.

4. The schools administration reserves the right to determine if it is excused or unexcused. (Remember that an unexcused absence carries a three (3) point deduction in the missed class.)

5. If a child gets sick during the day they are to report to the office and the office will contact the parents about them leaving or being picked up. A note the next day will need to accompany the student to receive an excused absence.

6. If there is an emergency in the family you may contact the office and talk to the administration. Appropriate steps will be taken to insure the care of the student. Again, a note will need to be brought upon their return to school.



Regular and punctual attendance is necessary for all students in order to be successful in school. Students are expected to be in school each day that school is in session. Each day missed breaks the learning process and becomes a lost opportunity. It should be the goal of both the student and parent to strive for perfect attendance.

All absences will either be excused or unexcused. An unexcused absence will result in a three (3) point reduction on the nine week average. All make-up work due to excused or unexcused absences must be made to the teacher’s satisfaction.

If the absence is known in advance, a note is to be brought to the school prior to the absence and the assignments to be missed gotten from the teachers. However, if the absence was not planned, a note upon returning to school must be submitted to the office prior to admittance back into the class. The note must include the time, reason and contact number, signed by the parent or guardian. Failure to bring a note will result in the absence being unexcused until the note is tendered. The following are examples of excused absences:


1. Personal illness

2. Illness or death in the family

3. Required court proceedings

4. Medical or dental appointments. (Confirmation of appointment is required.)

5. College Day for seniors. (1 per year and pre-arranged with the college through the administration.)

    College Day for juniors. (2 per year and pre-arranged with the college through the administration.)

6. Extra-curricular activities that are school functions.

7. Any absence beyond those mentioned will be reviewed by the administration.


The MAIS mandates that no student shall be granted a credit whose absences exceed 20 days during a yearlong course or 10 days for a semester course. This refers to both excused and unexcused absences. The Board of Directors reserves the right to grant a waiver in case of an extended illness. (Extended illness is defined as a sickness that requires 10 consecutive school day absences.) Anyone that exceeds the limited amount of absences may ask for an audience with the Board of Directors to discuss the waiver.

If a student wishes to participate for the school in an extra-curricular activities, they must have attended a majority of the day which is four (4) academic periods. The administration reserves the right to evaluate extreme circumstances.


Tardiness is a problem that must be dealt with by the school. It is important to learn punctuality. Punctuality is a learned behavior and is one that affects all aspects of student's lives. There will be no excused tardiness. Every student will be allowed three (3) free tardies per nine-week period for school arrival. On the fourth tardy and beyond the administration will deal with the appropriate disciplinary action to deter further tardiness. Upon the fourth tardy in a nine-week period the student can lose his/her exemption status.

Dress Code

All students in grades Kindergarten through 12th are expected to dress modestly and maintain a neat appearance. Any student's appearance deemed unacceptable by the administration will be removed from class and asked to change before being allowed to return to class. The dress code for Calhoun Academy applies to all school activities, unless the administration has waived a particular policy for an event. The Calhoun Academy administration reserves the right to make a judgment on future modes of dress not mentioned in the handbook.  The following guidelines have been set forth and will be enforced:



1. No clothing or accessories will be allowed that displays or promotes suggestive, provocative themes, alcoholic inscriptions, tobacco advertisements or bars.

2. No apparel with holes, tears or that are un-hemmed will be allowed. 

3. No mesh or athletic shorts will be allowed for boys or girls.

4. No hats or caps are to be worn in the building.

5. All clothing must be size appropriate.

6. Any student whose clothing, hairstyle or accessories that draw attention or disrupts the environment intended for school, will asked to leave the school until it is corrected.

7. No other school apparel except Calhoun Academy or college/university can be worn.



1. No low cut or see through clothing will be allowed. All shirts or blouses must be long enough to cover the mid-section.

2. No strapless, halter, crop, spaghetti or form fitting tops are allowed.

3. The length of skirts and shorts are to be no more that two (2) inches above the middle of the knee.

4. All undergarments are to be covered at all times. (This includes see through material.)

5. Only ear piercing will be allowed. No other body piercing or visible tattoos will be allowed.

6. Leggings may only be worn if the clothing (dresses, skirts, or shirts) worn with them is no more than two (2) inches above the middle of the knee.



1. Hair should be well groomed and clean. The length of the boy's hair shall not be able to reach below the eyebrow in the front, below the top of the ear on the sides and over the shirt collar in the back. Sideburns may come no lower than the bottom of the ear.

2. There is to be no facial hair.

3. No body piercing and/or visible tattoos are allowed.

4. Pants should cover all undergarments.

5. No cleats or shin guards are permitted inside the building.

6. All shirts, including t-shirts, must be completely tucked in.

7. Pants legs are not to be tucked inside boots.

Student Conduct

Students are to be responsible for their conduct while in attendance at school or any school sponsored function, be it athletic, academic or social. The rules and regulations of Calhoun Academy will be administered at all functions, home or away, when dealing with Calhoun Academy students.

General Rules of Behavior


1. Calhoun Academy students are to be respectful, cooperative, well mannered and courteous to all.

2. No food or drinks are allowed in the hallway or classrooms.

3. No pushing, running or loud behavior while at school.

4. Students are to be punctual to class.

5. Students are to treat others as they wish to be treated. No picking, harassing, teasing or other means of poor conduct.

6. There shall be no public display of affection on school grounds or school events.

7. No behavior that disrupts the flow of school will be tolerated.

8. Students are to take care of our property and place trash in appropriate containers.

9. At sporting events our fans are not to taunt or communicate with the opposing team in a negative manner. Be positive and cheer for our teams.

Social Networking Policy

Calhoun Academy provides an array of technology resources for students. We will advance our technology resources accordingly. Every student and/or parent is expected to follow all guidelines stated below, as well as those given orally by the staff, and to demonstrate good citizenship and ethical behavior at all times.


By enrolling and attending Calhoun Academy you agree and acknowledge the following:


As a Calhoun Academy student, I understand that my school technology and social networking programs are owned by the school and are not private. Calhoun Academy has the rights to review any information that pertains to or includes information about the school. I understand that my right to have a cell phone or other electronic devices at the school is a privilege and not a right.


No student is to load software from home onto a school computer without expressed, written permission from administration.  This offense may be punishable by suspension.  Calhoun Academy’s zero tolerance policy includes inappropriate use of computer systems, both at school and home.  Students who use the internet, any type of social media or other electronic devices to violate students, faculty or administration with threats of any kind may face immediate expulsion from Calhoun Academy and possible action by law enforcement agencies.


Government Laws


Computers should be used in conformity with the laws of the United States and the State of Mississippi. Violations include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Criminal Acts – These include, but are not limited to, “hacking” or attempting to access computer systems without authorization, harassing email, cyber-stalking, child pornography, vandalism, and /or unauthorized tampering with computer systems.

  2. Libel Laws – Publicly defaming people through the published material on the internet, email, text messaging, etc….

  3. Copyright Violations – Copying, selling or distributing copyrighted material without the express written consent of the author or publisher (users should assume that all material on the internet are protected by copyright), engaging in plagiarism (using other’s words or ideas as your own), is prohibited.


Netiquette and Responsible Use


  1. I understand that passwords are private. I will not allow others to use my account name or password, or try to use others.

  2. I will be polite and use appropriate language in my email messages, online postings, and other digital communications with others. I will not use profanity, vulgarities or any other inappropriate language as determined by the school administrators.

  3. I will use email and other means of communications (e.g. blogs, wikis, chat, instant messaging, discussion boards, cell phones, etc.) responsibly. I will not use computers, cell phones, personal digital devices or the internet to intentionally access, transmit, copy or create material that violate the school’s code of conduct such as messages that are pornographic, threatening, rude, or send or post hate or harassing mail, make discriminatory or derogatory emails about others, or engage in bullying, harassment, or other antisocial behaviors either at school or at home.

  4. I understand that I am an Ambassador for the school in all my online activities. I understand that what I do on social networking websites such as MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, etc., should not reflect negatively on my fellow students, teachers or Calhoun Academy. I understand that I will be held responsible for how I represent myself and my school on the Internet.

  5. I understand that masquerading, spoofing, or pretending to be someone else is forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to sending out email, creating accounts, or posting messages or other online content in someone else’s name as a joke.

  6. I will use school computer resources responsibly. I will not retrieve, save or display hate-based, offensive or sexually explicit material using any of Calhoun Academy’s computer resources.

  7. I will not vandalize any computer files, programs, or settings on any computer or other technology resource.

  8. Student work is not to be saved on the school’s computers or other technology resources. Students are to provide their own flash drive or other saving device.

  9. I understand that the Internet is source for information that is both true and false, and that the school is not responsible for inaccurate information obtained from the Internet.

  10. I understand that Calhoun Academy administrators will deem what conduct is inappropriate use if such conduct is not specified in this agreement.

  11. I agree to abide by all Internet safety guidelines that are provided by the school and to complete all assignments related to Internet safety.


Download the  e-Student Handbook for 2013-2014

Consequences for Violation of this Agreement:


Students should understand and abide by the above Internet and Computer Policy. If any violation occurs, students should understand that consequences could include suspension of computer privileges, school disciplinary action including suspension or expulsion and/or referral to the proper law enforcement agencies.


Parents and guardians should understand that computer access is provided for educational purposes in keeping with the academic goals of Calhoun Academy and that student use for any other purpose is inappropriate. It is impossible for Calhoun Academy to restrict access to all controversial materials. Therefore, the school is not responsible for materials acquired on the school network or internet based services provided by other companies, institutions or websites, regardless of whether they have been approved by Calhoun Academy for student use or otherwise. Children’s computer activities at home should be supervised as they can affect the academic environment at Calhoun Academy. 



Students should be in the halls only at the beginning and close of school and while moving from one class to another, unless they have special permission or special duties that require them to be out of class. Students in the halls during class time must have a hall pass. Students are asked to keep noise levels in the halls at a minimum while changing classes. Students are not allowed to be in the administrative offices without special permission.




Profanity will not be allowed at Calhoun Academy. Any student that uses profanity or language (written or spoken) that is deemed inappropriate will be disciplined as follows:


1st offense - Corporal punishment or one hour of after school detention. 

2nd offense - One (1) day Out-of-School Suspension.

3rd offense - Three (3) day Out-of-School Suspension.




No musical devices, tape recorders, electronic games, beepers, pagers or cell phones are permitted at the school between the hours of 7:50 a.m. through 3:10 p.m. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Students are NOT to use cell phones, pagers and/or any other electronic devices during the school day, with the exception of tablets and/or laptop computers used for classroom/educational purposes. Students are required to turn in cell phones, pagers, etc., in their first period classroom (or in the school office, should they check into school late). Phones, which are not turned in, will be confiscated, and will be returned to the students' parents at the end of the school day. A fine of $100.00 must be paid prior to the return of the phone. Calhoun Academy will not be held liable for lost or damaged phones.




Vandalism is a serious offense and will not be tolerated at Calhoun Academy. The following measures will be taken against those who vandalize:

1. For any act of vandalism against school property the student involved will be made to make full restitution for damages and could result in suspension or expulsion.

2. For any act of vandalism directed toward any employee, student, patron or board member or their property, the student(s) involved will face paying full restitution, and suspension with possible expulsion, depending on the incident.



Program and Assemblies

When entering into the gymnasium for a program or assembly, students should enter quietly and remain quiet during the entire program. Students are expected to give their full attention to the speaker. Students should be respectful of the speaker at all times even if they disagree or have a different opinion. Students are to applaud courteously. No food or drinks are to be in the gymnasium unless concessions are being sold at the event.



Gum Chewing

Gum chewing will not be allowed. The teacher will discipline students caught chewing gum accordingly. If this becomes a persistent problem the administration will deal with the students involved.



School Violence Act

It is a crime to bring weapons of any kind onto school property or to physically assault and injure another person or make threats to a person on campus. An administrator is required by law to make an immediate oral report followed by a written report within 24 hours to the appropriate law enforcement officials. Violators may be subject to arrest and/or expulsion from school. Absolutely no weapons are permitted on school premises at any given time.



Pregnancy and Marriage

The Calhoun Academy Board of Directors and the administration of the school believe that the environment most conducive to the school's activities and educational curriculum is better maintained with students who are outside the restrictions and obligation of marriage and parenthood.

Students who become pregnant will be placed on a homebound program by their 12th week of pregnancy. They may return six weeks after delivery or upon their doctor's release. However, any student that is a parent, married, single or divorced will not be able to participate in or represent the school in any extra-curricular activities or receive academic honors from Calhoun Academy.




In the interest of the health and welfare or our students and guests, Calhoun Academy is a tobacco free campus. The use or possession of any form of tobacco products is forbidden at Calhoun Academy. They following guidelines will be followed in regard to tobacco/Juul/vape products:


1st offense - Corporal punishment or In-School Suspension.

2nd offense - One (1) day Out-of-School Suspension.

3rd offense -Three (3) day Out-of-School Suspension.




The use or possession of, or being under the influence of alcohol on school grounds, school sponsored events, or any activity at another school is strictly forbidden. Any student caught in violation of this rule will automatically receive a three (3) day out-of-school suspension. After the suspension, the student and parents will have to meet with the schools administration before being admitted back into school. If necessary, the Board of Directors will determine the reinstatement of the student. A second infraction of this policy will result in automatic expulsion from Calhoun Academy.

The administration and Board of Directors ask those parents that give parties for students refrain from providing or allowing alcohol to minors. This is a serious problem in our nation today and it is illegal.



Drug Policy

Calhoun Academy has a comprehensive Drug Testing Policy. All students in grades 7 through 12 will be required to participate in the program. This program is designed to help Calhoun Academy be a Drug Free School. The purpose of the program is as follows:


1. To educate the student concerning the dangers of drug abuse.

2. To help prevent any drug use by the students of Calhoun Academy.

3. To identify any student who may be using drugs and to identify that drug.

4. To see that any chronic dependency is treated and addressed properly.

5. To provide reasonable safeguards in order that every student who attends Calhoun Academy is medically competent.

6. To remove the stigma of drug abuse from those who do not use.

7. To reassure parents, students and the community that the health and academic progress of each of its students is the primary goal of Calhoun Academy.

8. To re-emphasize to the student their responsibility as a positive role model and a reason to "Say No."

The testing procedure will be as follows:

1. The parents of each student, by signing their contract, are consenting to their child's participation in the drug program.

2. All students will sign a form and give their social security number during registration.

3. Each student will be tested during the school year and will be subject to random testing at any time during the year.

4. The method of testing is in the form of urinalysis. Any positive drug result will be confirmed by an additional test at a laboratory selected by Calhoun Academy.

5. The selection and coding of specimen samples will be executed in a manner insuring total confidentiality and identification.

6. The urine samples will be collected and analyzed by a private lab using the most up-to-date methods of pathology.

7. Specimen samples will be identified by number only to insure confidentiality.

8. Drug screening results will be reported by the lab to the parents and the Headmaster only.


The procedure and discipline for a first positive result is as follows:

1. To assure that no error has occurred, the testing lab will automatically retest the sample showing a positive result. The second test will be a more specific test.

2. If positive, the parent will be responsible for the cost of the additional test. Parents and the Headmaster will be contacted.

3. The student will be evaluated and assessed at the expense of the parents. This professional will be determined by mutual agreement of the school and the parents from one of the following:


               (a)    A certified alcohol and drug abuse counselor

               (b)   A student assistance professional

               (c)   A licensed social worker

              (d)    A medical review officer

              (e)    or other appropriate agency


4. The student will then be required to attend a drug, counseling program as recommended by the healthcare professional at the expense of the parents.

5. The drug counselor will determine the length and manner of the program best suited for the student. The student must also participate in any aftercare recommendations or follow up.

6. If a parent refuses a complete counseling program for their child, the student will be dismissed from school.

7. After a positive test results, the student is subject to take every random test during the year at the expense of the parents.

8. Participation in school will not be affected at this time.


The procedure and discipline for a second positive test result is as follows:

1. To assure that no error has occurred, the testing lab will automatically retest the sample showing a positive result. The second test will be a more specific test.

2. If positive, the parent will be responsible for the cost of the additional test. Parents and the Headmaster will be contacted.

3. The student will be suspended until such time that he provides proof of successful completion of a pre-approved alcohol/drug rehabilitation program agreed upon by the school and parents.

4. The student will not be allowed on school grounds during school hours or to attend extra-curricular and any functions of the school during this period.

5. The student and parents will make arrangements with the administration for all schoolwork to be done during this time. Any violation of this agreement will result in a more severe disciplinary action.


The result of a third positive test will be expulsion from Calhoun Academy with all fees and tuitions paid.


Stealing is something that will not be tolerated at Calhoun Academy. It is a serious matter that deserves the administration's utmost attention. Any student caught in the theft or "borrowing" without permission any item of the school, school staff or student body will be subject to disciplinary measure as deemed necessary by the administration. This could include expulsion from school. Any theft of items in excess of $500.00 will be reported to the proper authority as well.





1st offense - One (1) day Out-of-School Suspension 


2nd offense - Two (2) day Out-of-School Suspension.


3rd offense - Three (3) day Out-of-School Suspension.

The Board of Directors will deal with any other offense.

*Refer to Methods of Discipline, Rule #4, Page 6


Insubordination / Disrespect

A student is expected to be respectful at all times. If a person in authority at the school asks a student to do or stop doing something, they must obey immediately. Any student who becomes insubordinate or disrespectful will be dealt with by the administration of the school. The severity of the offense will determine the punishment.



Disruptive Behavior

No student will be allowed to disrupt the flow of school due to inappropriate behavior. Any student who becomes a disruption to school will be removed immediately. Parents will be notified and the student will be sent home. The length of time will be determined by the administration and will reflect the offense.

If a student has to be removed from school for disruptive behavior for a second time, a minimum five (5) day out-of-school suspension will be given and the parents and student will be brought before the Board of Directors to discuss possible expulsion.



Good behavior is considered a desirable quality. Conduct grades will be given each 9-week period.


*Progress reports will be issued during the fifth week. Report cards will be issued at the end of each 9-week period. Both progress reports and report cards are to be signed and returned to school.

Grading Scale


Grades 1-6                         *Grades 7-12 (For Computing GPA Only)

A= 93 to 100                                  A= 90 to 100

B= 85 to 92                                    B= 80 to 89

C= 75 to 84                                    C= 75 to 79

D= 70 to 74                                   D= 70 to 74

F= Below 70                                  F= Below 70

Grading Procedures

Each individual teacher will decide the way he/she will compute the grades within the nine-week span. Teachers will advise the students at the beginning of the year as to how they will compute their grades.


The average from the 1st and 2nd nine-week periods will count as 4/5th of your final grade and the final exam will count as 1/5th to determine the final grade for the course.  



Exemption Policy

All students in grades 4 through 12 will be required to take mid-term exams.


Honor Rolls

Each nine-week period our school will recognize those students who have met the criteria for the honor rolls. The criteria is as follows:


1. Headmaster's List - 93-100

2. Principals List - 85 and above



Make-up Work

If students miss assigned work they are required to make up all work missed. It is the responsibility of the student to make up all work missed. Students must get with their teacher to set a reasonable time for all make-up work to be turned in. It is within the teacher's discretions as to the amount of time a student has to make up work.


Course Selection

Calhoun Academy will ensure that all requirements needed for our students to reach their full potential will be offered. Some classes may be added or dropped from our curriculum according to need. We will, however, maintain high standards and small class size to give each student the optimal opportunity for success.

Course selections will be made in the spring or early summer through the guidance office. No student will be allowed to make course selections until they are registered. We will do everything in our power to see that students get the classes they want, but in some circumstances we may have to place them in a class in order to meet needs.

Students in high school will be expected to plan their course of study. This should only be done with consultation with parents, guidance office and teachers.

A minimum of six (6) academic classes must be taken in any given school year.



Drop Policy

No class may be dropped after the first two weeks of school. However, a class may be dropped prior to this date if replaced with another class.



Retention / Failure

In grades 1 through 3 a student must pass reading to be promoted. They must also have passing work in two other subjects in order to be promoted. The teacher may recommend any child be retained in these grades if their social and academic skills are not where they need to be.

In grades 4 through 8 a student must not fail two subjects in order to be promoted to the next grade. The administration reserves the right to promote or retain a student based on social or academic reasons.

In grades 9 through 12 a student is earning Carnegie units. A failed class must be repeated either in summer school, correspondence or taken again the next year. A student must have 24 credits to graduate.




Only two units of correspondence work will apply toward graduation. This, unlike summer school, may be new units earned or repeat of failed units.  Correspondence units must be from an accredited university or college. A correspondence course must be approved by the administration prior to it being taken.



Summer School

Work that is done in summer school must not exceed four (4) credits toward graduation and no more than two (2) credits in any given summer. Any student who wishes to take summer school must adhere to the following guidelines:


1. It must be from an accredited school and must be approved prior to admittance by the administration of Calhoun Academy.

2. It must be for a class that has been failed. No new course credits will be accepted.


Graduation Requirements

The minimum requirement for graduation at Calhoun Academy is 24 credits. There are two types of diplomas that can be earned at Calhoun Academy as follows:


General Diploma                                                        University Prep Diploma 

English                                4 units                             English                                     4 units

Math                                    4 units                            Math                                         4 units

Science                                4 units                            Science                                     4 units

History                                 4 units                            History                                      4 units

Computer                             1 units                            Computer                                 1 unit 

Academic Electives              5 units                            Academic Electives                 2 to 4 units

Non-Academic Electives    2 units                            Non- Academic Electives        0 to 2 units 

                                                                                    Advanced Electives                  2 units

                                                                                    Arts                                            1 unit 


Total Units                 24 units                   Total Units                     24 units 


Valedictorian and Salutatorian

To be eligible for valedictorian and salutatorian honors you must have been a student of Calhoun Academy for three of your four high school years. The valedictorian will have the highest grade point average when all academic Carnegie units are averaged over their high school career based upon the advanced or university track curriculum. The salutatorian will have the second highest grade point average when all academic Carnegie units are averaged over their high school career based upon the advanced or university track curriculum. Final averages will be computed the final week of senior classes.



Beta Graduates

To be considered a Beta Graduate at Calhoun Academy a student must have been inducted into the Beta Club and met all the guidelines set forth by the National Beta Club. In addition, the student must be in good standing at Calhoun Academy and have completed an additional ten (10) hours of community service for each year in Beta Club.



Hall of Fame

To be selected into the Calhoun Academy Hall of Fame a student must have been at Calhoun Academy at least three of your four years of high school. They must also maintain a 93 composite high school average and must exhibit good citizenship, leadership, personality and good conduct. The Hall of Fame will be nominated and voted on by the faculty of Calhoun Academy. Only 20% of the total class can be selected for the Hall of Fame.



Community Service 

Students in grades 7-12 are required to earn (10) hours of community service each year. Forms may be obtained from the guidance counselor or school office and completed by the appropriate service organization. Once form is completed, they are to be returned to the guidance counselor. 

Awards Day

Awards Day will be held for the students in grades K3 through 12. Awards will be given on various subjects and other special awards that are deemed appropriate by the faculty. This day will be in May of each year.



Standardized Testing

The office has a listing of all testing dates for our students. This includes the ACT, PreACT and other national tests. The office also sets and administers all achievement tests for our students. These tests are given each year to help determine our student's achievement at local, state and national levels. Any student graduating from Calhoun Academy must have taken the ACT.



Who's Who/Class Officers

The Who's Who will be nominated and elected by popular vote of the student body. They are, however, subject to category requirements and staff approval. Any one student may be chosen for only two Who's Who awards. An exception can be made if for any reason there are not enough students in the class or they do not meet the criteria for election. If chosen for more than two awards that student will choose which two awards they would like to receive. In all categories the students must have an 80 GPA, adhere to school policies, be in good standing, no discipline issues, and tuition up to date.



Mr. and Miss Calhoun Academy

This is an honor set aside for a senior boy and girl. They must have an 80 GPA and adhere to school policies, not discipline issues, be in good standing, and tuition up to date. To be eligible for Mr. and Miss Calhoun Academy a student must have attended Calhoun Academy grades 10-12.

Homecoming Court/Queen

Homecoming court will be nominated and elected by popular vote within each grade. They are, however, subject to meeting all requirements and are in good standing with the school. The individual must have an overall 80 average from the previous grading period and adhere to school policies and no discipline issues. Each grade will have two (2) representatives except the senior class and they will have a maximum of four (4) representatives. No student can serve two (2) consecutive years on the court with the exception of seniors or any unusual circumstance. The homecoming queen will be selected from the senior class and elected by the student body in grades 7-12. They must meet the homecoming court guidelines and have attended Calhoun Academy grades 10-12.

Calhoun Academy Cheerleaders  

Cheerleaders will be elected in the Spring of each year for the following year. Grades 7-9 will constitute the makeup of junior high cheerleaders and grades 10-12 will constitute the makeup of senior high cheerleaders. The cheerleading squad will be made up of female students only and must have an overall 75 average and be in good standing with the school. The Cougar mascot can be a female or a male and must have an overall 75 average and be in good standing with the school.

Calhoun Academy Anti-Bullying Policy

The Calhoun Academy Board of Directors prohibits acts of harassment or bullying. The school board has determined that a safe and civil environment in school is necessary for students to learn and achieve high academic standards. Harassment or bullying, like other disruptive or violent behaviors, is conduct that disrupts both a student's ability to learn and a school's ability to educate its students in a safe environment. Demonstration of appropriate behavior, treating others with civility and respect, and refusing to tolerate harassment or bullying is expected of administrators, faculty, staff, and volunteers to provide positive examples for student behavior.

Any student who engages in behavior that reflects harassment or bullying will be subject to suspension or expulsion.

Consequences For Anti-Bullying Policy

 First and foremost, it must be established, without reasonable doubt, that bullying did actually take place, and student action has prohibited a safe and civil environment for the school.

Students in grades K-6 will be addressed on a case-by-case basis with elementary faculty and administration.

Students in grades 7-12 will take the following steps:

1.  With official, written, and valid complaint filed, student will meet with administration, and parents if deemed necessary, and discuss the complaint, upon which time the student will receive a warning.

2. If second official, written, and valid complaint is filed and student has not shown effort to improve, the student will serve a two-day suspension from school, receiving zero daily grades in each class missed.

3. If third official, written, and valid complaint is filed, and student has still shown no effort to improve, student will be expelled from Calhoun Academy.

Calhoun Academy


Calhoun Educational Foundation

P.O. Drawer C

Calhoun City, Mississippi 38916



The Environmental Protection Agency and a law that has passed by our United States Legislature require us to have an inspection of our facilities to see if there is any asbestos material in our buildings. We are in the process of completing these requirements with an inspection and management plan that we have been doing since 1988.

Asbestos materials were used in many building materials up to the early 70s. Many of our homes, schools, churches and factories that were built before the 70s have asbestos in the buildings. Today's homes also have asbestos material. Asbestos can cause cancer or lung disease. It has been stated that it might take 20 to 30 years for any type of disease to show up.

We at Calhoun Academy are taking all precautions to protect all individuals in our school. We have submitted a management plan that will maintain and control the asbestos material that we have in our buildings.

Once again we want our patrons to understand that we are informing you about this matter and every precaution is being taken to maintain and control any kind of health hazard to our children and patrons. With your understanding and willingness we will meet all EPA standards and have a great school year.

If you would like more information concerning this matter, feel free to call the office at 412-2084










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