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Lady Cougars


The Calhoun Academy Boys Basketball Program is built on four foundational principles that we define as “RIDE.”

R- Respect: we aim to mold young men into citizens of respect on and off the court.

I- Integrity: we expect our team to live every day as people of integrity.

D- Discipline: we prioritize holding young men to a high character, academic, and athletic standard.

E- Excellence: we strive for excellence in all areas of life. Often, the coaching staff will ask, “How many times will be do it right?” The only acceptable response is “every time.” 

These core values are the backbone and driving factor of our basketball program. Our mission is to not only develop high-caliber basketball players but also exemplary believers in Christ, better sons, future husbands and fathers. If you are interested in your child being molded by these four principles and are looking for a school home, contact Head Coach Caleb Malone by phone at (256)-744-1100 or by email at

Go Cougars!